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  • Jeff Zeelander

Was Stephen Maturo MD the DMA in your OWCP claim?

I have seen three DMA memos in hearing loss cases by this physician and in EVERY case he invented a reason to reduce the claimant's hearing loss or simply say that the hearing loss is not work related. In every one of these cases, when I brought this to the attention of OWCP management, they have ultimately disregarded the report from Maturo and corrected the problem in a satisfactory manner.

There are also an astounding six Employees' Compensation Appeals Board decisions that have vacated determinations that involved a DMA memo authored by Stephen Maturo MD.

My concern here is the "head in the sand" approach that OWCP takes in situations like this. Unless the claimant exercised their appeal rights, and understood how to explain the error, it is likely that many FECA claimants have been ripped off by this physician who appears to be providing serial false reports. For instance, there was a seventh ECAB decision involving Maturo, but the claimant missed their time limitation so the Board determined that they could not review the substance of that case.

If OWCP issued a decision in your case based upon a DMA memo authored by Stephen Maturo, chances are the determination in your case was wrong and I would be interested in speaking with you.

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