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Requesting copies of medical records from medical providers

I frequently hear from injured workers that they have difficulty requesting copies of their records, either being told they are not allowed to have a copy or being charged exorbitant fees. The following article lays out some very good tips and instructions on how to request a copy of your records, and how to do so in ways that minimize the cost. Keep in mind that for many medical providers, sending out copies of your records has been turned into another profit center. By understanding your rights, you can avoid improper charges and obstacles to getting a copy of your medical records:

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Was Stephen Maturo MD the DMA in your OWCP claim?

I have seen three DMA memos in hearing loss cases by this physician and in EVERY case he invented a reason to reduce the claimant's hearing loss or simply say that the hearing loss is not work related

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Jeff Zeelander
Jul 21, 2019

Kimberly, thanks for your question, although a schedule award should be as simple as finding a doctor to write a report and then filing your own paperwork, I have found that there are many subtleties that can cause claimants who represent themselves to end up with lower ratings than they deserve. That is why representation by a competent lawyer is worth the investment.

Nuances to consider include complexities in the AMA Guides and in OWCP’s rules that can significantly impact a rating. And the timing of an impairment rating may have important strategic considerations.

I have also heard of some disabled claimants deciding to switch to their pension just to get a schedule award may be ill-advised unless one has…

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