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  • Jeff Zeelander

OWCP fax numbers

I am frequently surprised that claimants are unaware that they can fax documents to their OWCP office. The contact information for each district office, including the official fax number, is found on the web at this link:

If you have a new injury, it is critical that your claims examiner receive all of the records being generated by your doctors. Be sure to mark your claim number on each pieces of paper and fax, mail, or upload that to your file. Do not rely on other people. If you want your claim to get approved, YOU should gather all records and send them to OWCP. Mailing to the PO Box in London Kentucky can be very slow, you should either upload documents using ECOMP or fax things. Anything that you mail or fax MUST have your OWCP claim number clearly marked on the top right. During the time that your claim is pending approval, you need to be on top of this. Once the claim is approved, the doctors will send in the paperwork when they send in bills. But prior to the approval, you need to make sure that everything is getting in the file by taking care of it yourself.

If the claims examiner ends up with two copies, so what, if they do not get something critical, your claim could get denied.

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