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OWCP no longer putting claims personnel names on correspondence

If you have gotten mail from OWCP since late August, you may have noticed that OWCP claims personnel names no longer appear on most documents. Instead, on the page that should have a signature line, you will see what is called a QR code at the bottom left, it sort of resembles a square bar code. That code contains various information including the name of the author in the format of their first name and last initial, ie "Jeff Z". OWCP explained in FECA Bulletin No 18-07 that "[e]mployees have expressed security and safety concerns regarding use of names in ... communications" as the reasoning for making this change.

This policy is being implemented in slightly different ways by each district office, so depending on the office you are assigned to, you may see some variations.

In order to know the name of the person who sent you correspondence from OWCP, you will need to download a free "QR reader" app. Go to the app store where you download apps for your device and search for a "QR Code Reader" which you should be able to download for free and then use the camera on your device to read the QR Code.

If you are interested in more information on QR codes here is a link to the wiki:

Following is the full text of FECA Bulletin No. 18-07:

FECA BULLETIN NO. 18-07 Issue Date: August 17, 2018 Subject: Protecting the Identity of Employees in Written and Oral Correspondence Background: Division of Federal Employees' Compensation (DFEC) employees routinely respond to a myriad of written and telephonic inquiries, and issue written correspondence when developing and adjudicating a claim, and when terminating, reducing or suspending medical and/or compensation entitlement. Employees have expressed security and safety concerns regarding use of names in these communications. DFEC recognizes the importance of the safety and welfare of its employees in its mandate to fulfill the requirements of the FECA, 5 U.S.C. 8101 et. seq. As a result, DFEC has changed its longstanding procedure of placing employee names on written correspondence, including all formal decisions. A similar change will also apply to oral communication. Notice regarding this change was published in the Federal Register on April 18, 2018. See Federal Register / Vol. 83, No. 75, page 17196. Purpose: To provide guidance on the format by which DFEC employees should identify themselves on written and oral communication/correspondence. Applicability: All National Office and District Office personnel. Action: Balancing the safety of our employees and the communication needs of our stakeholders, DFEC will use the below methods in identifying the authors of its written and telephonic communications: All signatures and names currently appearing on outgoing correspondence will be replaced with "Division of Federal Employees' Compensation," and the author of the document will be captured in the case management system.To preserve the Employees' Compensation Appeals Board's (ECAB) ability to identify the adjudicator of certain decisions such as reconsideration decisions, DFEC will use a Quick Response (QR) Code to identify decision authors.A naming convention for the staff will be used to provide every employee with a pseudonym for use in telephonic and other oral communications. The naming convention to create the pseudonym will be the employee's first name and last name initial. If more than one individual within an office has the same combination (e.g. two Thomas J.'s) then their middle initials will be added.Outgoing correspondence (including decisions) will not contain or otherwise reveal the pseudonym when printed. Instead the pseudonym will be embedded into a QR Code on the letter, allowing a QR scanner device to reveal the pseudonym.Disposition: This Bulletin is to be retained until incorporated unto the DFEC Procedure Manual.

ANTONIO RIOS Director for Federal Employees' Compensation Distribution: All DFEC staff

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