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  • Jeff Zeelander

OWCP changes - everyone needs to register in ECOMP

The federal employee workers compensation program has once again made changes that they claim are to make the system better for claimants, but instead is a further push into technology that may be great for someone in an office environment, but can be very challenging to the injured worker. At this point, if I represent you, it would be helpful for you to give access to me through your ECOMP dashboard as OWCP has suddenly stopped sending out copies of files and now requires copies of files to be retrieve through ECOMP.

To do this, you would either log in or register at this page, using the right hand side log in, the left hand side log in is just to upload a document to your file:

If you have not yet registered, the link to do that is underneath the log in button where it says "register." When you create your log in, please be sure to put your log in credentials somewhere you will be able to find them, as it can take several days for someone to reset your ECOMP and allow you to create a new log in credential.

Once you are logged in you will see a button to select "representative." When you go in there, you will need to select me from the "entities" list.

Many of my clients have severe injuries that impair their ability to use a computer, or do not own a computer, or live in a region where they do not have a reliable internet connection.

If you think that OWCP is once again treating FECA claimants poorly by making them use a system that is confusing and difficult for me, you should complain to your Senator or Representative that OWCP is only concerned with making this system easier for its employees and does not care about the difficulties that injured federal employees have navigating this process, you should complain to your Senators and Representative in Congress.

Here is a link to find your Senators:

Here is a link to find your Representative:

From there you would navigate to your Congresspersons website and write up a request for a Congressional Inquiry regarding OWCP making this process impossible for disabled federal employees to navigate.

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