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  • Jeff Zeelander

OWCP and CNSI medical billing and enrollment problems

If your doctor's office is telling you that they are having problems with the OWCP billing process contracted to CNSI this is something I can help you or the doctor's office with resolving. Its now almost 15 months since CNSI took over this process and the complaints from doctors office have not slowed down. It has gotten so bad that some doctors are telling OWCP claimants that they will no longer accept FECA benefits. Many claimants experience long delays in getting critical medical care, putting at risk their chance of having a good outcome after an injury. Much of this is due to CNSI seemingly being incapable of running a competent process.

Medical providers having problems with enrollments, authorizations, receiving denials on bills that are properly coded and denied with EOBs that make no sense, claimant reimbursements denied for no logical reason. These are all problems that seem to be a feature of CNSI's system. OWCP is belatedly recognizing the abject disaster that is CNSI and has instituted additional procedures that can be pursued to resolve these problems. If you are a medical provider or claimant, please reach out if you are having these sorts of problems. If you are a medical provider and deciding to give up on accepting FECA claims due to this, please reach out to me as well.

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