• Jeff Zeelander

OWCP and the CA-1032 Annual Disclosure form - Timeframe for Suspension has been Shortened

OWCP requires claimants receiving monetary benefits to periodically complete form CA-1032 disclosing various bits of information that could change ones entitlement to benefits. The form must be returned within 30 days. Until recently, if the form was not returned you would receive a second letter and the form telling you your benefits would be suspended at a date in the future. Now the process has changed and when the second letter is sent, your benefits have been suspended.

The best practice is to upload your completed 7 page form to your file using ECOMP which has a drop down menu to categorize the form so that the claims examiner sees that you have returned it. Items uploaded will usually show up in your file within minutes to an hour or two.

If you have received the second letter, you will need to call your claims examiner or do the Reconsideration paperwork to get your benefits reinstated.

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