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  • Jeff Zeelander

Metal Spray Powders

I was recently reminded of a client who passed away some time ago who had worked as a welder on a military base repairing parts from fighter jets. Unfortunately, this mission-critical task exposed him to metal spray powders that caused him to develop Nasopharyngeal cancer, and he eventually passed away from complications from this illness. When he came to me, his benefits had been denied repeatedly and it was very satisfying to help straighten out his case. He was able to receive life-prolonging treatments that his health insurance was not willing to pay for, and his family continues to receive support from OWCP by way of survivor benefits now that he is gone. Welders who used metal spray powders are at risk of developing serious health problems. Nasopharyngeal cancer is just one of various life-threatening illnesses that is tied to exposure to nickel and other metals found in these products. If you worked with metal spray powders, or have a friend or loved one who did, and have been diagnosed with cancer or other illnesses, it may well be due to that work-related exposure.

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