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  • Jeff Zeelander

Important update - mailing address changes, AGAIN

As the federal government continues to slide into ever worse levels of dysfunction, OWCP has quietly changed, AGAIN, the physical mailing address for sending information. The mailing address has reverted to London Kentucky, presumably at the behest of Senator McConnell who seems mostly adept at bring pork back to his state and otherwise assisting in the dismantling of our once great society as he seeks to turn us into a wholly owned subsidiary of his masters in China and Russia.

The BEST way for a claimant to submit anything to OWCP remains via the ECOMP website.

Please note there are TWO mailing addresses:

Case specific correspondence other than reimbursement claims and claim forms are supposed to be mailed to: U.S. Department of Labor, OWCP/DFEC, PO Box 8311, London, KY 40742-8311 or uploaded to the case electronically on the ECOMP website.

Medical providers should submit medical documentation for review by the claims examiner, including the injured worker's claim/case number marked on every page, to: U.S. Department of Labor, OWCP/DFEC, PO Box 8300, London, KY 40742-8300 or uploaded to the case electronically via ECOMP.

Just as with the brief change of mailing addresses to San Antonio TX, there seems to be no effort whatsoever to inform anyone about this. It almost seems as if this is an intentional effort to prevent records from reaching OWCP.

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