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  • Jeff Zeelander

Has OWCP used vocational counselor David Jordan who appears to own Office Careers in your FECA case?

A vocational counselor in the state of Washington has apparently been severely criticized by a local judge for practices that seem to call in to question David Jordan's propensity for truthfulness. If he is involved in your return to work process you may want to take great caution in your dealings with this person.

According to a recent news story:

In the most recent court decision out of Spokane County, Judge Bruce Ridley issued a scathing report in which he accused a state-paid vocational counselor of using Office Careers to provide nothing to the injured worker but a certificate that would lead to her ouster from state benefits. “One easily might infer that this whole vocational plan was an (L&I) ruse to rid itself of a troublesome injured worker,” Ridley wrote in the December ruling.

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