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  • Jeff Zeelander

Facebook and Other Social Media

When you are receiving federal workers compensation benefits you are a second class citizen. Your actions are scrutinized and interpreted against you. It is always important that your activities are consistent with your physician’s restrictions. If you can’t push a mower around at work, you better not show up on a video pushing one around at home. With the explosion of social media has come a new world of risk for injured workers. Comments, pictures, friends, all of this information that gets posted becomes possible sources of negative information about you. If you are posting online, realize that it will likely be read by people who are not looking out for your best interest. That picture of you attending a sporting event or together with your friends may give a false impression of your ability to function. I recommend that my clients always assume that they are under surveillance by their employing agency or OWCP. If you must post to social media sites such as Facebook, assume that what you post is going to get reviewed by someone from your job.

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