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Do not resign from your job when you get hurt!

Do not resign from your job when you get hurt! This is basically a repost, but I continue to speak to people who were "advised" by their supervisor (typically USPS non career status employees) that they should resign when they suffered a work injury to avoid being fired. DO NOT RESIGN. That can be fatal to entitlement to wage loss benefits in an OWCP claim. When your claim gets approved, and you claim lost wages, OWCP will ask your employing agency why they did not accommodate you. If your agency responds that they did not accommodate you because you quit, you won't get paid. You have an obligation to request work within your restrictions even if you know that no work is available within your restrictions. You need to document that you asked for work and the employing agency said they did not have work within your restrictions. If you do that by texts, make sure you keep the screen shots. Please do not resign as you would only be eligible for wage loss payments for time periods that you were unemployable, and even if you think you are unemployable, that might not be the conclusion of doctors who are examining you on behalf of OWCP.


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